Permanent Dentures

What are permanent dentures

A number of people lose their teeth due to accidents or gum diseases. It is very embarrassing for them to be seen without some teeth in their mouth. They feel shy about smiling as they do not want other people to notice their missing teeth. Apart from embarrassment, loss of teeth also causes a lot of inconveniences to the person who has lost his teeth. He also feels apprehensive about visiting social events and business functions. The permanent dentures are the best way to bring back smiles on the face of people who have lost confidence by losing their teeth.



Dentistry has become advanced over the years as the need for better dentistry options is on the rise. In earlier times, removable dentures were placed in the mouth of those who have lost their teeth due to any accident, injury or disease. However, those dentures were not comfortable to wear as they were unstable; they also lacked aesthetics and retention. Apart from that, it was also painful to place and displace the dentures each day, so the dentists thought about creating a permanent solution for it. The dentists worked hard to create a set of dentures that not only replicates the original set of teeth but were also comfortable and convenient to use. Thus, permanent dentures were invented. These dentures are placed in the mouth permanently without the need of placing and displacing it every day. Also these dentures fit well in the mouth and are stable too.



Types of Permanent Dentures

There are different types of permanent dentures that are placed in the mouth. The basic ones are dental crowns, dental bridges and dental implants. Dental crowns and dental bridges are usually cemented to the natural teeth of the person whereas dental implants are surgically implanted into the jaw bone.



A dental crown is a dental restoration procedure that caps or encloses the coronal part of the exposed part of the tooth. The crown is fused to the natural tooth by using dental cement. The dental crowns are used when the natural crowns of a person has become weak. The main function of tooth crown is to chew the foods that we eat. When the crowns become weak then it is painful and difficult to chew food, so the dentists place gold or porcelain crown for proper functioning of the teeth.



A dental bridge is a prosthetic that is used to replace missing teeth in the mouth and it is permanently attached to the teeth that are already present in the mouth. If a person has lost two teeth due to some reasons then he can get dental bridges placed in the mouth instead of wearing a whole set of dentures. The bridge is permanently placed in the mouth with the help of dental cement.



Dental implants can stay in the mouth permanently as they are connected to our jawbone by oral surgery. Titanium-made implants are placed in the mouth as they are biocompatible to our bone tissue. Depending upon the needs of the patients, there are different types of dental implants available like endosseous, subperiosteal and transosteal.